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by July 17, 2016
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The most precious and important things people have in their lives are their memories. They are often the only thing that they have left even when they have gone through their most precious life moments, moments they tell themselves they’ll never, ever forget. Well unfortunately, they sometimes do. But with Memoir, they can be reminded of these precious memories every time an anniversary of that date arrives, or when they revisit a location where a memory was created.

Memoir syncs with your iPhone’s camera roll, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare, and Dropbox accounts, as well as with your Mac PC, and reminds you of photos you took at certain locations when you arrive there – the same locations your photos were geo-tagged at, months or even years ago. Memoir detects the locations nearby of when you’ve taken photos, where you’ve taken snapshots on Instagram, posted on Facebook, or tweeted on Twitter; then every day it reminds you when you’ve neared a place where those memories where taken, and shows you those same photos from those same memories. It will even remind you of where you took them, in case you couldn’t remember from just the picture itself.

Memoir stores your photos and data on its own cloud storage, comprised of your own synced social media and storage accounts as well as your own pc so you’ll never lose your memories. They are completely private and encrypted by Memoir so only you can see your photos. You can also share your memories as well – memories you may very well have had with friends, family, and co-workers in the first place. The app can even predict the friends you’ll want to share your photos with, based on your social media accounts, and even who shows up in your photos and how frequently, and will organize ALL of your photos from ALL of your devices and accounts into one, uniform, organized timeline.

It’s even compatible with an Apple Watch. It’ll send you a notification you can interact with straight onto your wrist, showing you nearby places where memories have long since occurred and many a day out in the sun for some fun had been had. With a flick of the finger, you can share photos with friends and family with ease. you’ll even get daily reminders of what you’ve done and have been doing in the past, dubbed as your “day in history”. The definition of simplicity, elegance, and preciousness, is something this app seems to understand extremely well. It REALLY wants you to value every day of your life, and treasure what’s most important in life. Memories are priceless. And best of all, it’s free!

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