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MixZing Media Player Android App Review

MixZing Media Player Android App Review

by June 28, 2010


If you love listening to music on your Android device, this is a great app for you.  The new app is called MixZing Media Player and it is one of the most advanced media player apps around.  There are some amazing features that are included with this app which include: mood player, home screen and lock widgets, mp3 tag editor, automatically download missing art, recommends new music, videos, photos, and genre and video music browsing.

We would like the share the things we like and didn’t like about this app.  The things we liked included the cool mp3 media player for the Android.  We also like that this app provides recommended music both from your library and rhapsody music.  The home screen and lock screen widgets look slick and are easy to operate.  The app is also great about being able to retrieve most missing album art covers.  For each song that the app plays, there is tons of detail on the artist and album.  The app also comes with 10 free downloads with pro.

There is only one thing we didn’t like about the app, and that was the ads.  Of course the app is free to download, but if you want to get rid of the annoying ads, simply upgrade to the Pro version.


  • This media player is one of the coolest looking and extremely easy to use app for the android.
  • The ability for the app to find music that is similar to what your are listening is really nice as you will be exposed to your favorite music, as well as new music that you may have never heard before.
  • The app comes complete with an MP3 tag editor
  • You can also use any of the songs as a ring tone, and it has the ability to download lost cover art for all of your music.
  • The free version does have ads that show, but to get rid of the ads, simply buy the Pro version.

This app is a great media player with an easy to use interface with several features that make it worth it.  If you love listening to music on your phone, and what a complete comprehensive app that can do it, this is the app to get for your android device.  The Pro version even brings up the lyrics of the songs so you can sing along.


This app is free, or $6.99 for the pro version. This app has gotten 3 out of 5 stars.

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