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More Cupcakes! iPhone App Review

More Cupcakes! iPhone App Review

by March 3, 2010

morecupcakesMore Cupcakes! is made by the same developers that created More Pizza and More Toast.  The basic premise of this game is the same as the other two iphone apps.  It takes a certain food item and lets you customize it to your heart’s desire.  You can then post your creations, send them to friends, or keep them all for yourself.  In More Cupcakes! you are able to bake up and decorate an assortment of different delicious cupcakes.  You can pick from different kinds of cake batter including chocolate, vanilla, and carrot cake.  Once you decide on a cake batter you can then pick the type of cupcake liner you would like and then place the batter in the tray to be ready to put into the oven.  You can choose how long to cook the cupcakes so that they are either golden brown, light and fluffy, or a bit crispy.  The cupcakes will come out of the oven fairly hot and then it is up to you to shake your iPhone and get them off of the pan.  Once you have removed the cakes, you have free reign on they types of frosting and add toppings that you would like to put on them to decorate.  The sky is the limit as you try to create the perfect cupcake!

The last bonus to this iPhone app is the ability to share your unique works with your friends through the internet.  You can save them in photo albums and even eat them if you like!  Pick the tablecloth and plate design to be able to make the perfect cupcake presentation!


  • 10 frosting choices.  They include flavors like caramel, raspberry, strawberry, orange chocolate, chocolate shell, confetti vanilla, chocolate, and just plain vanilla.
  • 5 types of cake batter.  Includes carrot cake, strawberry cake, white cake, chocolate cake, and yellow cake.
  • 16 different types of toppings.  Includes gummy bears, rainbow sprinkles, pink sprinkles, blue sprinkles, green sprinkles, jelly beans, red hot, chocolate sprinkles, shamrocks, candy hearts, bananas, strawberries, chocolate candy, chocolate chips, marshmallows, and cookie pieces.
  • 6 different tablecloths and 10 different kinds of plates.  Allows you to set up different cupcake presentations.
  • You can decide how long you want to bake your cupcakes.  You can either bake them til they are crispy, or have them a little doughy.
  • An assortment of over 10 patterns and colors for the cupcake liners.  These include leopard print, camouflage, jungle vines, polka dot, yellow, blue, white, pink, green, and rainbow.


Developers are currently working to add even more custom designs and goodies for this smartphone app.  Soon a new edition will be added that will have more toppings, liners, plate and batter designs among others.

Voted 4 1/2 stars by iPhone app users and runs for around $0.99

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