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Movies Now HD iPhone App Review

Movies Now HD iPhone App Review

by July 6, 2010

movies nowWith the prime time movie season upon us, waiting in long lines for all of the blockbuster hits coming out is one of the last things people want to do when wanting to go to the movie theaters.  Well now you can beat all the hype and buy your tickets right from your iphone.  The new app that allow you to do this is called Movies Now HD which is for the iphone.  This app lets you buy tickets with and has support for over 11,000 screens throughout the nation.  This ability lets you to purchase your movie tickets anywhere on the go which makes buying movie tickets more convenient than ever.

The app now has a “Now” feature which allows you to see what movies are playing near your location.  The now feature lets you browse showtimes playing around you so you can go to the movie that is going to fit your schedule and timing of the things you have going on throughout the day.  This can also help you go to the theater that may be conveniently closer than the theater you always go to to better fit your schedule and location.


  • This app allows you to view movie posters of movies that are out or upcoming in beautiful HD quality.  You can simply tap a movie poster to get more additional information such as the cast, genre, plot summary and muchmore.  If you can’t decide, browse over the app library of high quality trailers to help you evaluate which movie to watch.
  • based on your location, the movies now will pull up a list of the closest cinemas that you can browse showtimes for and allows you to add theaters to your favorite list for faster access
  • the app interface is very easy to use and has an easy to see navigation screen which is very easy to navigate and operate.

This is a great movie solution if you like to visit the theaters and want to make sure you see the big hits without fear of missing them on the big screen.  If you want to be able to buy your tickets without waiting in lines, this is also the perfect solution as you can get your tickets and learn anything you want about the movies you are going to go see.


This app costs $1.99 and has been given a 4 out of 5 star rating by other iphone users who have used this app.

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