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My Li’l Bastard iPhone app Review

My Li’l Bastard iPhone app Review

by April 21, 2010

mylilbastardRemember gigapets or tomagotchis?  Even though you may not admit it, you were probably addicted to the concept of caring for your little virtual pet.  Well let’s take that up a notch and add a little adult humor with the My Li’l Bastard iPhone app. Created by adult swim, My Li’l Bastard will allow you to have the most unruly virtual pet you have ever experienced.  This little guy will break the items that you are using to try and discipline him, throw Molotov Cocktails, and has no control over his bladder.  If you are firm with him and concentrate really hard on trying to give your little bastard some direction then there might just be a chance that he will turn around.  But don’t put all of you eggs in that basket.

The My Li’l Bastard iPhone app will take you through the life cycle of your character and you will have to deal with different challenges as he gets older.  When he is a baby he will poop all over the place, when he is a teenager he will be violent, horny, and downright crazy, and when he is an adult he will be very ungrateful for all that you have done.  You can earn gold throughout the game so you will need to use it to buy different items and groceries at the store.  Just remember that you need to do all that you can to discipline your little guy so that he doesn’t get into the routine of doing bad habits.  You can also interact with your pet through an in game terminal or play games of fetch.


  • There are a variety of different mini-games included inside of the virtual world including a knife throwing mini-game, and also a slot machine mini-game where you can try your hand at winning it big
  • This game offers a variety of save slots so that you can go back and try different behavioral tactics in order to help train your little bastard
  • Throughout the game you can win a bunch of different awards and you can take these rewards and show them off on social networking sites like Facebook
  • There are achievement inside of the game that are all brand new
  • You can also integrate this gaming app with your iPod in order to listen to your favorite music while you play
  • You can take pictures of you and your pet at any point in the game


Voted three stars by iPhone app users and can currently be downloaded off of the iPhone store for $0.99.

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