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My Measures & Dimensions iPhone app Review

My Measures & Dimensions iPhone app Review

by July 12, 2010
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In the My Measures & Dimensions iPhone app Review you will be able to take a picture of any item, room, or object and then edit the photo to be able to put dimensions on it.  This is great for anyone that is into real estate, construction, engineering, carpentry, or architectural design.  You can add arrows, dimensions, angles and also text boxes to say exactly how big it is.



  • This is a great tool for anyone that is in the real estate or engineering business that needs to take and keep accurate measurements of different parts of a house.  You can actually take a picture of any room or fixture that is in it, make some measurements and then store the dimensions right onto the photo for future reference
  • You can add all kinds of things to the photos including arrows to see what part of the room you are measure, angles to show how the pieces all fit together, and also text boxes to say the actual measurements
  • You can also organize all of these photos and pictures into different folders.  This way it is really easy to organize all of your files so that you can quickly access them at a later time
  • You can also do file sharing and multiple folder sharing with this app.  This makes it easy to send information to other people that you work with that might also find the measurements useful
  • If you get a photo that you want to export you can actually do it very simply and efficiently by just taking the photo with the dimensions and exporting it to the photo library
  • Once you have exported the photo you can then send it to other people.  The best way to send these photos is through the use of email.  You can email them to anyone that you would like that would want to see it
  • This app also supports both a portrait view of the information as well as a landscape orientation.  It completely depends on what you would rather do
  • This app can also convert items into different measuring units.  You can do metric and imperial units.  This would include meters, millimeters, centimeters, inches, yards, feet, and even fractions


This little productivity app has been given pretty good ratings. It currently sits at a 4 1/2 out of 5 stars by people that have reviewed it and you can download it onto your iPhone for only $0.99.

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