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Mystery of Unicorn Castle iPhone app Review

Mystery of Unicorn Castle iPhone app Review

by May 5, 2010
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In the Mystery of Unicorn Castle iPhone app, you will take the place of Jane Morion who is by all respects, just a normal a girl.  Her life is about to change drastically, however, when she receives a special letter from England that informs her that she has inherited her very own castle.  As you explore this magical castle you will have to decide where the magic and the dreams stop and reality sets it.  There is a mystery to be solved and it is up to you to do it.  You will navigate around the castle by entering a variety of different rooms and you will need to identify hidden objects as you travel around.  Do you think you have what it takes to find out all of the secrets of the Morion legacy?  You will find out that the family has been haunted for years by a deep dark spell and it is up to you to break it and free your family from its negative and evil effects so that you can live on the rest of your life in peace.


  • As you travel through the game you will find a variety of hidden items and objects that are almost surreal in nature
  • You can use any of the five different search methods that are available to you.  You will need to do this in order to find all of the hidden secrets in the unicorn castle
  • There is a huge inheritance scandal that will be discovered and it will  be up to you to solve it and to make it right
  • Once you get into the game you will realize that there are four different sets of mechanics for the mini games.  This helps keep the game fun and interesting as you play it
  • You will love all the detail and thought that has gone into the 40 different levels that have been created just for the game
  • During any point in the game you will be able to save your progress and go back to it at any time.  This is especially great if you need to take a call or text someone back right away
  • You also have the option of setting up a variety of different user profiles on the same device.  This means more than one player can try their hand at the game


Voted 4 1/2 stars by users on the iTunes online site.  Overall considered a very fun game and well worth the $0.99 it costs to download.

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