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Nickelback Revenge iPhone App Review

Nickelback Revenge iPhone App Review

by July 6, 2010

nickelback revenge

Are you a huge Nickelback fan?  If so you have probably noticed that not many of their songs are available to play on games like rock band or guitar hero.  Well now you can participate in their hit songs right from your iphone with the new Nickelback Revenge iphone app.


  • This app offers 11 of Nickelbacks top songs including How you remind me, and rockstar just to name a few.  You can enjoy all of these amazing songs with some fun gameplay from the makers of tap tap revenge
  • This app offers 11 top hits from this hard rock band named Nickelback
  • 4 rich unlockable boss tracks in landscape mode
  • amazing graphics inspired by the band with fluid animations to make the game play more playable and more fun
  • There is a battle mode in which you can play and use your skills against an opponent across a bluetooth network
  • There are also four addictive difficulty levels that you can play against to see if you can get the high score and beat the levels.
  • The songs include animals, animals live, burn it to the ground, figured you out, gotta be somebody, how you remind me, photograph, rockstar, something in your mouth, this afternoon, if today was your last day.
  • The app is fast paced and works by tapping your fingers on the correct audio track line to be able to get through the songs in the playlist.  Much like guitar hero or rock band, the point of the game is matching the rhythm of the music while tapping the correct audio track as the beats and colored buttons pass it.  When you tap at the right timing, the button will disappear and you will have accomplished a note.  The more notes you can hit in a row without messing up the better.

This type of game really gets you into the music of Nickelback as you are able to learn the words, melodies, and now get into the instrumental part of the songs in order to get a better grasp on what Nickelback’s music is all about.  Honor this band favorite by downloading this app today and shredding out to their music right from your palms with the new iphone app, Nickelback Revenge.   These types of games have a lot of replay value and will keep you coming back for more all the time.


This app costs $4.99 and has been given a 4/12 out of 5 star rating.

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