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Nintaii 2 iPhone App Review

Nintaii 2 iPhone App Review

by April 15, 2010

iPhone_nintaii_scr1Nintaii 2 is made by Concrete Software and is of course, the follow up to the original Nintaii game.  The word Nintaii is Japanese meaning “patience, perseverance, or endurance.”  These are definitely qualities you will need in order to play this game and things you will need to get through the 100 levels this new game as to offer.

The main point of the game is easy enough to understand.  The player manipulates a rectangular bock across a field with the goal of getting the block to fall into exit holes located somewhere near the end of the level.  It may sound easy, but you should try it, its quite hard!  There are all kinds of dangers and obstacles that get in your way because you are not able to see the entire filed at once so you don’t know exactly what will come.

There are two main challenges to every Nintaii 2 puzzle.  The first one is to solve the puzzle, and the second one is to solve the puzzle with the lowest number of moves possible.  This will get your brain going nuts while you play because you will be trying to analyze every move you end up making.  For every puzzle that you manage to solve, there is a fresh new one waiting for you to try on.  Puzzles differ in difficulty and the game does a great job mixing it up to keep things interesting.

Nintaii 2 is more challenging than the original version, but there are more features in it to keep it much more challenging.


  • you can now select the level you want to solve instead of just going through them in sequential order
  • There is a new hall of fame feature
  • New items such as springs, locks, switches, arrows, and glass floors
  • Awards and trophies can be won
  • scores can be posted online for easy viewing


If you loved the original Nintaii, this is the next thing you need to buy!  The game is very challenging, addicting, and very fun.  Although it does not offer multiplayer capability, this is perfect for single player games that play a lot ot game on their iphone.  Many iphone users had suggested this game and have given it 3 1/2 stars out of 5.  The game costs only $.99 cents so its definitely one of those games you should at least try.  You will probably be pleasantly surprised and end up playing it all the time.  Most people who have downloaded this app have played it over and over and recommend it to all iPhone users.

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