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Ogre Hunt iPhone App Review

Ogre Hunt iPhone App Review

by April 15, 2010

iphone_ogrehunt_1Ogre Hunt is quite the experience from developer DGC.  This game can be summed up in two words, simple, and confusing.  The instruction tab in the main menu didn’t really mention that the accelerometer is used to point your gun instead of the singlel D-pad on the screen.  It took a little bit of time to figure out, but once we figured that out it was much easier to control my Ogre hunter.

The level designs are a bit awkward as well.  The textures in the level were used to make the cave walls, are the same ones used throughout the game, so the visuals get pretty boring after a little bit of time.  Since everything looks the same, this is also true of the character skins as well.  The developers did not take much time trying to spice things up and give people different looking things to shoot at.  The gun also never runs out of ammo so its like Doom on steroids.  It kind of reminds me of the good old N64 days when games like GoldenEye were popular, except that GoldenEye was a way better game.

This game is very simple but has a lot of potential of being good.  A few good updates, which would include a storyline and another control pad would greatly enhance the game play of this iphone app. These updates would help to make this game a better contender in the iPhone app game world.  It really does feel like the game got a very premature release, or the company ran out of money and time.  It is kind of fun to be able to just start it up and start shooting things, but on the flip side it is equally just as fast to get completely bored of the game looking at the same thing the whole time.


  • virtual d-pad
  • unlimited ammo
  • several layers of killing
  • multiple enemies and maps
  • leader boards


This game is totally worth what you pay for.  The game sells for only $.99 cents and has gotten a user rating of 2 out of 5 stars.  If you like to just hurry and pick up your phone and start killing things, this is a great app for you.  The game play is very simple, the levels all look the same, and the ogres that you kill look exactly the same.  If you like dull looking and lame visuals, this is the game for you.

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