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Over App Review

Over App Review

by February 10, 2016
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Creativity is more than merely coming up with an idea. Truly creative people can take something ordinary and tantalize us with the hidden beauty of its image. They can make it stand out using images and text, make it beautiful, ugly, powerful, weak, simple and complex depending on their vision. Over allows anyone to express this creative vision, and provides every available mean of doing so. From promotion to marketing to selling and captioning, the app allows us to do just about anything all through the same app. One touch can put an entire world of possibilities at our fingertips.

One of the main features of the app is photo customization. With its simple design, Over allows us access to nearly 300 font types as well as nearly a thousand images that we can customize with such text. This wealth of choice ensures that no matter what we design, it will be uniquely ours and fit uniquely into our vision. There is also the option of using your own photos and customizing them as well. This can be even more fun as the project can stem from passion or simple boredom in search of creative stimulation. Images and ideas can meld with text to create something beautiful in the app, and it gives us all the tools we need to do it.

The blend feature is what makes the app so beautiful. With it, hide various bits and pieces of your text and picture creating a new image entirely. This customization feature ensures no limit to creativity while simultaneously allowing the artist to change the perspective of the beholder in order to produce the desired effect. If something is not quite right, or simply in need of an air of mystery, it can be blended out and fazed in to creates a unique viewing process. No other app offers such a feature in combination with thousands of unique images.

Aside from blending, over permits features that enable even smaller adjustments. One of these is drop shadow for your text. Choose the right color and density and you can make you text leap off the page, a very useful feature for those using the app to create greeting cards or promote their business. You can also crop the image in order to share it on various social media sites. The sharing feature of the app allows you to express your ideas to the world.

Most free apps come with an annoying amount of ads and ugly invasive commercials. Over does not. This is perhaps one the apps best features, as the annoying invasion of silly advertisements can ruin the joy of using all that the app has to offer. But despite the vast number of services it provides, there are no ads to worry about in sight, allowing you free reign, uninterrupted as you shape and share your masterpiece with the world (or just your family). This app is available for purchase on the app store for free, with a few in-app purchases to improve the experience.

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