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Over App – Photo Enhancer for iPhone

Over App – Photo Enhancer for iPhone

by November 19, 2015
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Mobile apps have this difficulty: utilizing new technology, they have a steep learning curve. While there are untapped realms of utilization, there are also older, established methodologies which tend to make learning such new methods difficult. For this reason iOS on the Apple iPad and iPhone has steadily been upgraded in a way that’s user-friendly. As a result, applications like “Over” go through myriad variation. Currently in its third complete upgrade, Over 3.0.0 has some substantial advantages over previous iterations.

The idea of Over 3.0.0 is to allow anyone who wants to be an artist, to be an artist. To that end, users have described the upgrades as innovations to “obsess” over. The ease of creativity is such that many would praise Over 3.0.0 as having the easiest interface available.

Whatever you’d like to design can be designed in Over. Whether you need a greeting card, whether the need is to visualize an event or promote an event. Real estate, Craigslist sales, memes, jokes, political commentary, restaurant reviews done creatively, visual stories, vibrant personal expression of love and feelings–the possibilities are positively endless! Organize your thoughts visually in a technologically intuitive manner with Over 3.0.0 . Ubiquitous fonts–more than three hundred, in fact!–are coupled with more than eight hundred illustrations; and there’s more available content all the time. Whether or not you’ve got a photo, you can use Over to reap fresh images and tweak them for free. Add-ons like Unsplash, Pixabay and others facilitate as much with ease.

Tools like the color sampler allow you to make perfect matching colors from any of the multitude of colors available on your canvas. You can also install your own fonts. It’s as easy as finding the proper one on the internet, then selecting “Open in Over”.

Other new improvements allow erasing and masking, drop-shadows, color-sampling from photos, more free tools and content, more aesthetic and open user-interface, cropping optimal to social media, improved fonts, an undo button, the ability to delete fonts, and an increased capacity for the achievement of powerful, creative tasks acquired quickly and easily. You can even go onto the app’s primary website and read a hilarious tongue-in-cheek checklist of apologies summed up in this paragraph. What’s nice about that is it shows the development team at Over doesn’t only have a sense of humor, but they fundamentally understand their clients, and are continuously working to please them.

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