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Paper Bridge iPhone app Review

Paper Bridge iPhone app Review

by April 14, 2010
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Paper BridgeIn the Paper Bridge iPhone app you will have the responsibility of creating a variety of different bridges that allow vehicles to cross over.  You will have to build bridges according to the weight of the vehicles that are coming your way.  If the bridge does not have enough support then the bridge will break and your vehicles will fall off of the screen.  You will have to test your skills at engineering in order to make supportive enough structures for all of the different cargo trains that are going to be using the bridge.  This app features a fully realistic physics system that actually calculates weight distribution throughout the bridge and will detect the strong points as well as the breakable joints.  It is a very complex system and has been mastered in this wonderful little app.

On top of the physics engine and the bridge building tasks,  you will also have the opportunity to listen to the calming guitar sounds of Doug Jamieson.  This will help you feel relaxed and let you focus as you try to make a living as a bridge designer.  This game offers quite a bit of variety, having over 25 different levels.  Each level will test your ability to manage weights and create proper support.  The nice thing about the app is that the developers are constantly adding more updates to keep the game interesting and new.  You can also enjoy the OpenFeint compatibility of the game by tracking your local and global scores to see where you rank among the world’s elite bridge builders.


  • The game offers an incredibly realistic physics engine that allows you to simulate the real breaking joints of a bridge
  • The game takes into consideration weight calculation on every point of the bridge so that you can be sure that you have each place supported correctly
  • The graphics are simple and neat and take place all over a piece of grid paper that looks like it has been drawn on by a colored pencil
  • There is a stellar music soundtrack produces by Doug Jamieson that lets you listen to soothing guitar sounds
  • Over 25 different levels to play in to test your engineering skills on different kinds of bridges
  • OpenFeint compatibility so that you can see your scores online at both a local and a global level
  • The user interface is very easy to use and is organized very neatly.  The visual style is very unique and original


Voted 3 stars by iPhone app users and currently costs $0.99 to download.

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