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Photogene iPhone app Review

Photogene iPhone app Review

by May 19, 2010
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The Photogene iPhone app allows you to take your favorite pictures and let you improve them as well as add some addition features such as frames and picture effects.


  • This is a fun picture editing app that offers a wide variety of features that are both intuitive as well as original.  This will likely be your favorite picture editing app that you have experienced thus far
  • Some of the greatest features are also the most simple.  In this app you can crop all of your pictures and then straighten the images so that they are presentable to anyone that would look at it
  • You can also take the picture and sharpen it by adjusting the levels of brightness and contrast.  This allows you to make your pictures come to life
  • There are a lot of different color options available so that you can adjust it as much as you want.  You can see the color levels as well as the curves.  This helps you to find photos that were underexposed an correct them or add a little life to pictures that have been washed out
  • You can also use the artistic fillers that are available such as the posterize filter or even the sepia filter.  This helps your pictures look a little classier once you have edited them
  • If you want you can even add little bubbles of text to the people in the photos.  You can decide the color of the bubbles as well as the font and look of the text that is included
  • You can add frames to any of the pictures.  Try choosing different colors and shapes and see how they match up with different glows and shadows
  • There are a bunch of special effects that you can add to the app as well including the vignette feature or even the reflection mode
  • One of the nice things about the app is the ability to use multiple redos and undos so that you can make sure that each step you take is carefully monitored
  • You can also resize your photo so that it comes up at a different resolution.  This completely depends on what you are using the picture for
  • This app will support photos that are all the way up to 2048*1536. This is the typical 3G camera resolution
  • Once you have edited your photos you can then use the upload feature of the app to put them on social networking sites like Twitter or Facebook.  You can also email them to friends and family


Voted 4 out of 5 stars by multiple iPhone app users.  This is a picture editing app with a lot of different features to offer.  It can help you create just the right kind of picture and display it the way it was meant to be.  The app costs a total of $1.99 to download off of the app market.

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