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Android GoPro App Review

Android GoPro App Review

by May 12, 2016
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For the many photographers, there are many smartphone apps available to help you with your passion. One such app is called the GoPro App and it was designed with photographers in mind. This quality app offers photographers many amazing features and extras that can prove to be very useful.

These features encompass many aspects. One of the most alluring is the fact that you can easily pull high-quality still images from any videos that you have filmed. This is a unique option that is not offered in very many places. And in reverse, you can also create short video clips that can be shared to many different social media platforms.

Having this app on your phone will also give you a location to store your photos and videos while also deleting what is stored on your camera’s microSD card. And with the full access to your photos and videos, you can easily view these both from within your app.

Connecting your phone to your camera through the GoPro app also has some perks that many photographers would not expect. Using the app on your smartphone, you can now adjust your camera settings with your phone and the app can also act as your camera’s viewfinder to help you catch the perfect shot. This is a special feature that can easily increase the quality of all of your pictures that you take.

Another benefit of the GoPro app is called the HiLight Tag. This particular feature gives you the ability to mark key moments while you are recording so that when you go back later, these moments are much easier for you to find. This makes your job as a photographer much easier.

When it comes to enhancing your skills as a quality photographer, having the best tools available to you can only help. The GoPro app is one such tool that can easily help improve your ability to manage both your pictures and your videos. With the GoPro app you are given this ability to manage your pictures and videos as well as give you control over many other aspects of your photography.

These aspects include the many mentioned benefits included with installing the GoPro app on your smartphone and several other bonuses as well. Finding new and unique ways to incorporate smartphones into your passion and your hobby is a great way to find ways to improve upon the skill that you already have. Thinking outside of the box is a trait that can only help you and the GoPro app is one such way that can help you think outside the box. Feeling free to experiment with this app is another way to increase your talents and become a much more skilled photography.

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