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Project 365 iPhone App Review

Project 365 iPhone App Review

by May 26, 2010
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Ok, this is a very cool app with a very cool concept.  Wouldn’t it be cool to every day see what you were doing a year ago from that day?  This concept in and of itself is different as a lot of people have a calendar which gives them a historical history of what happened on that specific day many years ago, but not many people look back at their own lives and think about what happened as well on that specific day.  The Project 365 app for the iPhone is a tool to do just that.

Every day you are to open the app and take a picture of something around you.  You can even add sub titles to the pictures to add a description to share what happened that day or you can tell about an event that you attended or something you accomplished.  you can really just write anything in the comment box.  The idea is to do this for a whol year so when the next year rolls around, you can see on your calendar through the app what you did that same day a year before.  This can be a really fun way to keep track of your life and see the things that you were thinking a year ago.  Its also a great way to help a person see how much they have changed and matured as well as the views they had from a year ago as compared to the views they have currently.  If you like to monitor self growth, this is a fantastic app for you.


  • The project 365 is a very easy app to use and it uses the built in camera that is in the iPhone device.
  • the app saves the pictures you take that day and allows you to add comments or a sub title to help you know from a year from now what was going on.
  • the app allows you to take several photos for each day.
  • you can also get daily e-mail reminders to use the app to make sure that a year from now you will have content to look at.

Kind of like a regular calendar, this app allows you to have a very personal way to think about and view your life back to a year from now.  Its an interesting concept and one certainly worthy to try out.


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