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Receive Your Package When You Want It with Doorman App

Receive Your Package When You Want It with Doorman App

by Gary ParsonsApril 15, 2016
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We all know how difficult it can be to arrange to receive a package at a time that is right for us. Most of what there is to do in a day needs to be done at the same times that delivery people are out and about bringing their parcels to the intended destinations. Fortunately, now there is an app that can spare you the hassle of missing your delivery.

People can hardly be expected to put everything else aside to wait for a delivery. No Doorman – Package Delivery & Return Shipping by Solvir is available to create a delivery time window so that anyone can schedule a time that accommodates their schedule to receive their package or return a shipment.

With Version 4.0.16, Solvir has quashed the bugs in the previous version. Doorman is available at the iTunes store by Apple. And this version features clear and simple screens that make it obvious how to arrange for a specific delivery time. Customers who live in cities or housing situations where a package cannot be left unattended have found this app especially useful for being able to intercept their deliveries the first time they are sent out.

The Doorman App by Solvir now has a Facebook login in Version 4.0.16. Customers love the convenience of accessing the service thru the favored social media outlet. This is another of the new features that make it so easy to utilize this service. You can login quickly from their Facebook page and set up the best time frame for you to meet the parcel driver wherever the package is destined.

To schedule a delivery or pick – up with this unique app, all that is required is to set up an account with Doorman. By logging in from the app button or from Facebook, the delivery arrangement scheduler will be presented. This is a complication – free interface. The user then selects from the time frame options. And a guaranteed delivery time window of 1 hour will be indicated.

Doorman also allows quick re – scheduling of shipment arrivals and pick – ups. It is easy for a user to track the packages progress. And customers are enjoying the app’s ability to also display which package is in progress. The app will keep track of all planned deliveries simultaneously. And Doorman clients have praised the reliability of the time frame.

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