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Roulette Pro – Best Casino Betting Game

Roulette Pro – Best Casino Betting Game

by September 22, 2015
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Roulette Pro – Best Casino Betting Game is an iTunes mobile roulette casino game created by Dumadu Games and is up for download on your iPad or iPhone. This game was intended to make you feel like you are spinning the wheel in a high rolling casino anywhere in the world. Roulette Pro – Best Casino Betting Game is very fairly priced and is one of the more sought after mobile roulette spinning games that is available on iTunes. In this overview we will go over a few things. We will look at the features offered in Roulette Pro – Best Casino Betting Game as well as give you a more detailed glance into the game.

Game Summary

Dumadu Games Limited came out with this game in early 2014 and since release this game has been very popular with both mobile casino enthusiasts and fans of roulette on the App Store. This particular version of the game has a couple of different options for players. You can set the background theme to whatever you like- from fun aquatic scenes to standard casino high roller. You play the game very similarly to other roulette-style video games. When you are ready put down your bets, choose your spot and spin the wheel and hope for good luck. When playing this game you get a very good sense that the developers were looking to create a shiny product that did not disappoint their customers and that really shines through in the high quality graphics and top notch user interface that is present in the app.

Game Details
If you are looking to purchase Roulette Pro – Best Casino Betting Game in the App Store it will cost you .99 cents. This is a steal for such a legendary roulette game that has all the features you would want as a mobile player. While a ton of games in this genre actually try to get you to pay for extra features or extra chips once you purchase Roulette Pro – Best Casino Betting Game you have access to whatever you need to play. Chips are unlimited so do not feel bad if you have some not so good luck down at the tables- simply click replenish chips and you have more. If you are a roulette enthusiast or just a fan of fun mobile casinos you should check out this title.

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