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RPG Snake – The Adventure of Akua iPhone app Review

RPG Snake – The Adventure of Akua iPhone app Review

by April 27, 2010

rpgsnakeThis is a great rendition of the classic snake game.  You will take control of a hero in an RPG style format and go on a journey to save the princess from the evil devil.  Along the way you will have to defeat all kinds of monsters including sand worms, undead, slime and so much more.  You must be careful not to run off of the edge of the board or to bump into your own line of troops or you will have to start over.  Start out on your quest today and save that damsel that is in distress!


  • This game takes after snake games that have come before it.  The rules are extremely simple and the main goal of the game is to get the hero around the board to kill the monsters and add more troops
  • The controls are very easy to pick up and play.  All you have to do is just touch the arrows and it will show your hero where he should move on the board
  • The backgrounds and artwork is actually pretty impressive and have been pixel-designed.  Every now and then you will find some very creative monsters that pop up on the screen
  • Although the game is simple it can actually be very challenging as you get to higher levels.  There are 2 different leader boards that you can check out for rankings and also 23 different achievements you can collect
  • There are 11 different levels total that you can play in as your hero
  • This app also is integrated with OpenFeint in order to let you compete with friends and strangers over the Open Feint community
  • The game rules are very easy to understand, you simple move your guy around the board using the four different diagonal arrows that are provided
  • You don’t want to get too far to the outside of the board or you will end the game.  Also try not to bump into other parts of your troops or any of the obstacles that are provided
  • You will want to kill all of the boss monsters in order to keep progressing on your quest to save the world
  • As you bump into different monsters you will add troops to your line and get longer and longer


Voted 4 1/2 stars by iPhone app lovers and is a great RPG game for the mobile market.  The app costs $0.99 to buy off of the online iTunes store.

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