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Setting Things Straight with Bubble Level

Setting Things Straight with Bubble Level

by April 15, 2016
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We’ve all been there. You’re hanging up a picture frame or a shelf, thinking it’s perfectly straight, only to step back and realize it’s not! Sometimes eyeballing it just isn’t as accurate as we hoped it’d be. It seems impossible to acquire that flawlessly straight alignment on your own, and “almost straight” just isn’t acceptable. If you have this issue, then you’re in luck. There is a sensational app available for Apple and Android devices that helps to ensure perfect placement every time! Bubble Level, by Lemondo Entertainment, is just as, if not more, useful than one of those bulky leveling tools, with the ease of availability of a hand held device.

Having unique features such as high resolution graphics, object alignment, accurate angle measurement, the ability to correctly measure surface flatness, and an inclinometer -occasionally referred to as a tilt meter- Bubble Level is the ultimate tool for all your leveling needs. In addition to already being such a highly convenient app, and it is free for download on all of your Apple or Android devices!

Always up to date, this app has numerous astounding features to assist in any situation where a level is needed. With this helpful app, you will never again run into problems checking the alignment of furniture, paintings, shelves, doors, and even walls! Aside from simple leveling, Bubble Level is also extremely useful for calculating different angles and tracking the inclination of vehicles, which can lower the risk for rollovers. With Bubble Level, you’ll always have a carpenter and an off road navigator right there in your pocket!

Aside from all of the amazing features of the app, Bubble Level takes up about 7.8 MB of space and only requires IOS 5.0 or later (not applicable for Android devices). There are so many uses for this handy app, and there’s no doubt you’ll find plenty more ways to use Bubble Level in everyday situations. With an app this extraordinary available for free, why are you still hanging up those crooked shelves? Download the Bubble Level app and get started today!

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