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Shopper iPhone app Review

Shopper iPhone app Review

by May 13, 2010
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This is the perfect app to help you find daily deals and get all of your shopping done when you are out and about on your errands.


  • This shopping app will help you in a lot of ways.  For one, it has a RedLase barcode scanner that is only available for the US at launch time
  • There is also a catalog that has been built in and customized for all of your grocery needs.  This catalog is also great for helping you with home improvement, electronic items, baby needs, and also anything that has to do with beauty and appearance
  • You can check out any of the local fliers and coupons from any of the top retailers that are featured on the app.  Some of these retailers include companies like Walmart and Target
  • With the help of the app you also have the ability to track all of the coupons that you might be interested in
  • The sharing and syncing part of the app is actually really smooth and easy to use.  Everything is real-time and you will love the immediate results that you get
  • Everyone thinks of shopping lists at the most inconvenient of times, so this app has a web portal where you can plan all of your shopping needs right from your desk
  • You will get the latest information on any of the FDA or  USDA recalls that go on occasionally
  • You can use multiple lists within this app as well as make lists that are specific to certain stores
  • There are a variety of different templates available that will allow you to find new recipes, other favorites, and also any repeat shopping that you may do every week
  • Depending on what stores you are shopping at, the app can also record the different layouts of the aisles as well as the pricing for each of the stores
  • There is a nutritional rating system that includes the ratings from the Guiding Stars
  • There is a budget tracking option that you can use that includes any discounts or coupons that you have as well as any taxes that you owe
  • You can find consumer notes as well as a lot of different pictures for all of the items
  • There are tax calculations for different countries and their rates
  • You can also create lists that are completely protected by different passwords so that no one can get in there and mess with your information


Voted 3 1/2 stars by iPhone app users and currently only costs around $0.99 to download onto your iPhone.

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