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Sigma iPhone App Review

Sigma iPhone App Review

by June 16, 2010


The game of Sigma has been heralded by many game players from all around.  The game is a fantastic puzzle game that keeps players challenged and on the edge of their seats for more.  The new Sigma iphone app has just come out and it has already been received with a huge response and satisfied players.  The point of the game is to independently spin two columns of blocks on either side of the screen.  Simple tap on either side of the screen to send blocks back and forth across the screen.  Once a match has been created, you will have a couple of seconds to tag additional blocks on the cluster before the whole thing goes crazy! If you are a beginner creating horizontal or vertical match threes, or an expert setting up massive clusters, the experience of the game is like none other and will keep you hooked for a lot of playability.

The iphone makes this game really come to life with its stunning graphics and its ability to  be able to throw in 3d elements to really make the blocks pop out at you.  This game is very fun and has a lot of life to it as it will keep you coming back for more often.


  • You can harness the power of the multi touch to spin two columns of blocks.  You can tap to shoot blocks from side to side by creating matches and then quickly tag on additional blocks before the match detonates.
  • You can clear huge block clusters to earn large amounts of points and get big power ups.
  • Match the same color consecutively to create an escalating point multiplier.
  • Progress through the three difficulties of sector mode to unlock new themes.  Compete for a high score in one of the three times in time attack mode
  • you can even go head to head with a friend over wifi or bluetooth in versus mode
  • You can unlock ten graphical themes each with it’s own music track
  • The game also allows for leader board upload and the ability to share scores and high points with friends

This is a fun game that uses the iphones capabilities in a fun way to produce a colorful and fluid game.  If you like puzzles, this is the game for you as it will keep you coming back for more and more to keep things interesting.


This game costs $.99 cents and has been given a 4 1/2 out of 5 star review.

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