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Skee-Ball iPhone App Review

Skee-Ball iPhone App Review

by March 3, 2010

skeeball1Skee-Ball is now almost a hundred years old, but it has never been so fun! Bring home the classic action of skee-ball right to your phone with the Skee-Ball iPhone app.  This game has garnered some incredible reviews from The New York Times and other gaming sites and has been considered “near perfect”.   With stellar gameplay, smooth 3D graphics, and an incredible physics system, it makes sense that it has gotten so many positive reviews.

The game centers around the classic Skee-Ball that you would find in the arcade.  As you flick your phone, the ball rolls up the ramp and into one of the holes that has been numbered with a different amount of points.  Points equal tickets, and tickets equal prizes.  As you earn more points and get better at timing your flicks you can open up new levels and prizes.  Once you have collected your tickets you can buy all kinds of prizes including candy, prank items, and much more.  There are over 80 prizes to choose from, and many more achievements that you can gain.

Most  smartphone apps are fun to play and can be addicting.  Skee-Ball is no exception.  It is easy to pick up and learn how to play, and can occupy hours of your time throughout the week.  Game controls are simple: You press your finger across the touchscreen to show the path of the ball as it goes down the track.  If you tilt your phone, it will add some spin to the ball as it goes down.  This game is compatible with iPhone apps as well as the iPod Touch.

The last thing to note about this app, is how realistic the physics are.  Using hyper-realistic physicis, the ball bounces and rolls just as it would in real life.


  • Full of great 3D graphics, and impressive physics
  • Able to collect prizes like vampire teeth, Peruvian Flute, or even your own custom-made ball
  • Over 80 prizes in all to collect
  • Connected to the Plus + Network so that you can share high scores and prizes with your friends
  • New advancements in this edition include the unicorn ball
  • Large tutorial to help explain how the stars work
  • You can toggle the accelerometer on or off


With the addition of the Plus + Network this game is even more addictive as you can challenge other people’s high scores.  With realistic physics and a simple method of gameplay, this is a classic iphone app to have.  Also, it is very inexpensive so even if you don’t like it you won’t feel like you got ripped off.

Voted 4 stars by iPhone app users and runs for around $0.99.

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