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SoundGrid iPhone App Review

SoundGrid iPhone App Review

by April 27, 2010
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SoundGridPeople love music, and people love learning the beats, rhythms, and words to songs. What if you could create your own music with your iPhone?  It may sound crazy but it is possible to do this with the help of the SoundGrid iPhone app.  This app is truly amazing as it is one of the best music apps out there for the iPhone.  Its very easy to pick it up and hammer out some beats, while creating different mixing options to make the beats more complex.

The app works by breaking everything into separate layers.  You have different layers for each instrument that you want to mix together and you can have up to 8 instruments.  Along with each instrument, you can create up to eight different patterns to switch between to give your instruments a very unique sound.  You also have the option of downloading additional instruments that can total up to 31 separate instruments to really get your creativity flowing.

Once you pick an instrument to start working with, you will see a 16X16 grid.  As you tap spots on the grid your instrument will make a sound.  Holding town your finger on the spot will create a loop for the sound.  Every layer is a different color in order to help you tell the difference between the layers that you work with.  This makes mixing fun and easy as well as giving some order to the whole thing.

There is a live play mode in which each loop can be manipulated by either slowing it down or speeding it up.  This is fun to just get the app playing and create some music on the spot.  You can also mess with volume, distortion, and other effects for each track to really bring a neat sound to the overall app.


  • creates music tracks
  • has the ability to loop tracks
  • volume options
  • distortion options
  • bpm ratio options
  • live play mode
  • down loadable instruments

This app is perfect for people that like music, and drum beats.  This app is fun because is allows you to create music and then play it back and mess with it until it sounds exactly the way you want it to.  Try this app today and we promise that you won’t be dissapointed!


This app costs $4.99 and has been given a 3 1/2 out of 5 star rating by iPhone users everywhere.

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