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Split/Second iPhone App Review

Split/Second iPhone App Review

by May 26, 2010

split secondThe brand new game Split/Second that just came out for the Xbox 360 and the PS3, has just come out with a version of the game for the iPhone.  What sets this type of game apart from your typical racing game is that you have the ability to cause some serious havok for racers that are racing with you.  When you drift behind racers you can build up your havok meter and when its full, you can press a button to make some crazy things happen in the environment around you to make the racers in front of you wipe out so you can take the lead.  The game is like a fancy version of Mario Kart, except for you don’t shoot red shells at people in front of you, you make the world literally crumble and fall down around them to give you the advantage.

The version of the game for the iPhone and iPad looks fantastic and uses the accelerometer to really bring the levels and environments to life. This is a super fun arcade racing game that really pushes speed to the limit and you can miss huge racing disasters by a split second if you are going fast enough and if you are on the edge of your seat ready for whatever is thrown at you.  If you like speed, quickness, quick decision making, and if you just love to race, this is a fantastic game to play on the iPhone or on any platform.


  • includes three locations and nine tracks from the console game
  • choose from three gameplay modes: season mode, quick play, or multiplayer
  • race in 15 cars with different abilities and attributes to each car
  • blast your friends in a four person multiplayer
  • play multiplayer on wifi, online, or bluetooth

Split/Second is super fun and is action packed.  If you love movies that have high speed, action, and amazing explosions, this is the game for you as it brings all of this to life for you to experience and enjoy.  Nothing is more fun then to play your friends and make the world go crazy around them.  Of course all the bad things you do to your friends can happen to you as well, but like the title of the game says, its all about that split second that can mean the difference between victory and defeat.  This is a great looking accelerometer game for the iPhone and the graphics look really good for a racer game.  With the different game modes this game will keep you coming back for more over and over again.


this app costs $6.99 and has been given a 4 out of 5 star review

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