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Starship Shooter iPhone App Review

Starship Shooter iPhone App Review

by April 15, 2010
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Starship Shooter HD is a new iPhone app that dazzles!  The game takes an already famous shooter platform and soups it up in a major way.  The game feels very classic when played, but there are some significant differences from the old classic game play.  There are evil aliens, asteroid, and frantic game play as you take your ship around the edge of the screen shooting whatever comes in your way.

Enemies spawn while playing at increasing waves, forcing you to always be changing your strategy which makes the game addicting and fun.  Your ship is locked to the edge of the screen, but it seriously makes the game much easier to play.  There are two main control options which allow you to steer with your hand while firing with another, or steer the ship by tilting the screen one way or the other.

There are three main difficulties in the game.  There are tons of levels for each difficulty which will keep this game fresh and not stale or boring.  The game also has a perfect learning curve as it progresses you along.  Each level increases in difficulty with more aliens, and dangers to keep you hooked playing this game.


  • HD quality, looks fantastic
  • Increased aliens and dangers from the classic version of the game.
  • Three main difficulty levels to keep gamers on their seats.
  • Tons of levels, each designed around a difficulty category.
  • This is a truly fun and addicting game!


If you have even touched this game you are probably still playing it.  Its that addicting!  What makes it so fun is the fact that it is built around an older classic game, but has been ramped up to increase the fun level and the addictive level.  The difficulties will really keep you challenged and a new host of dangers sure makes the game more interesting and easy to get hooked.  While there is no multilayer capability, yet, this game is completely satisfactory for the single player gamer.  High scores can be posted onto the net to let others know how high you have gotten while playing.  There are also add ons that you can purchase from the iPhone app store which give you different skins, more enemies, and a whole bunch of new dangers.

This game has gotten a 4 out of 5 star rating from iphone users everywhere and can actually be downloaded for free!  If you want all of the extra features you will need to buy the game, but this is one that you can’t help but download!

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