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Steel Trap iPhone App Review

Steel Trap iPhone App Review

by June 4, 2010
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Have you ever met someone and gotten their name and then 10 seconds later have already forgotten the name?  We all have and its super frustrating.  As we get older and even without aging, our minds can get fuddled and it can be hard to remember certain things.  Well just like any other muscle in our body, the brain can be trained to better capture information and can actually increase the ability to remember.  Well thanks to modern technology, there is an iphone app that helps people to do just this and sharpen their minds.  The app is called Steel Trap and it is made for the iphone platform.

This app has several different modes that are designed to help improve your memory.  This app is perfect for students, busy professionals, retiress, or basically anyone that wants to improve their memory capacity.  This app uses unique capabilities of the iphone to increase your learning and give you the most powerful memory improvement experience that is out there.  Chester Santos is the provider of this app and has helped thousands of people increase their memory.  the app has several different exercises that it takes you through to help you sharpen, remember details, and remember short term memory items as well as long term memory items.  With the help of this app on the iphone, you can better remember names, addresses, details, and associate memories to times and places to help you out in area of your life.


  • This app has been provided by Chester Santos who has been on MSNBC, CNN, and countless other shows to help people improve their memory
  • The exercises are different to help you have a wide range of different types of memory capacity
  • when you log on the app, you never get the same exercise twice as it keeps you learning fresh techniques to better improve your memory and have a better experience with your improvement
  • the app is designed to help you have a better memory and mind to succeed in home life, business, and any other activity that you participate in.

A better memory can help you while doing anything, whether its in business, home, or on vacation.  Having a better memory will increase your effectiveness to accomplish tasks and can make you a real charmer with people as you rattle off things you remember about them from your last visit.


This app costs $2.99 and has been given 3 1/2 out of 5 stars

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