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Super Badminton 2010 iPhone App Review

Super Badminton 2010 iPhone App Review

by July 14, 2010
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Games are always fun, especially when it involves some kind of sport.  One of the easiest sports for people to pick up and play is Badminton.  While badminton can be played competitively, you won’t have to worry about how good you are in real life as you can play from the comfort of your own phone.  That’s right, there is a new app for the iphone called Super Badminton 2010.  This app is a great way to experience the fastest racquet sport in the world at your fingertips with some amazing physics going on while you play.

The game is fun as it offers 8 different badminton players to choose from.  This is great because you can pick a character that looks similar to you, or you can pick a character that you want to be to start serving some mean badminton serves to your opponents.  There are also 3 tournaments to challenge your mad skills.  The game is completely in 3d which is a great twist and is looks fantastic on the ipod.  The game controls are also easy as there is a virtual D-pad and other button to press on the screen.


  • 8 badminton players-each come with their own unique strengths and weaknesses, so its fun to pick the character that possesses the skills you are looking for
  • 3 tournament modes to so that you can have different degrees of difficulty
  • 4 3d badminton stadium courts to simulate the real badminton stadiums
  • wooden badminton court to give you an experience of playing badminton at your local court/gym
  • control the direction of your shot by tilting your phone. This fun control gives you an immersive experience while playing this game and commanding your shots
  • show off the trophies you earn in your cabinet as you get rewarded in tournaments and various difficulty modes
  • simple and effective controls as the game has a virtual D-pad to make controls easy by just tapping the appropriate buttons that are showing on the screen
  • super read badminton shots animations include: overhead clear, backhand clear, backhand clear, backhand drop, forehand drop, smash among others.

If you like badminton and love to play games that have an addictive feel to them, this is a great game to get for the iphone and to pick up and play.  This game is simple and will keep you coming back for more.


This app costs $3.99 and has been given a 3 1/2 out of 5 star review.

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