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SUPER WHY! iPhone app Review

SUPER WHY! iPhone app Review

by March 25, 2010
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This is a great children’s app that helps your children to see the importance of reading and how much fun it really can be.  The Super Why! iPhone app uses a mixture of different literacy games to help your kids get hooked on reading.  You child can use a variety of the different games and characters as they move throughout the app.  There are four different characters to use, and they are all based off the popular TV series.  They include Princess Pesto, Wonder Red, Alpha Pig, and the famous Super Why.  As you go through the different mini games you will learn to rhyme, spell, read, write, and be able to name off the entire alphabet.

This gaming app was developed by Bean Creative and it was done as part of a deal with PBS.  The series SUPER WHY has been airing on television and has been a great tool for kid’s to learn to love reading.  It is geared towards kids in preschool, presumable between the ages of 3 and 6.  This iPhone app will help younger kids to develop critical reading skills while still having fun.  You can get more information on the TV series as well as other games if you go to the website.


  • Four different characters to choose from including Princess Presto, Alpha Pig, Wonder Red, and Super Why
  • Alpha pig hosts a letter hunt where you have to help him find all of the letters that he needs to get through the entire alphabet
  • Wonder Red host’s the rhyming section and you must help him find words that rhyme with the words in his Wonder Words Basket
  • Princess Presto teaches your kids how to write by identifying different letter sounds and making objects appear.  In this section you will also trace letters with the touchscreen capability and help her write a variety of words
  • Super Why is the main character and takes you through the story mode where you have to help him pick the right words to finish sentences that pertain to the story that is being told
  • There is a sticker book where you can collect over 50 items
  • You can get online and check out the TV series and other min-games that have to do with Super Why


A fully interactive game for your kids to play while you are out and about your busy schedule.

Voted 4 stars by iPhone app users and can be downloaded for $2.99.

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