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April 9, 2010

ZAGAT TO GO ’10 Android app Review

How many times have you been on vacation, or have just stopped in an unfamiliar town and not known where to eat?  We have all been in this situation and many times have settled for McDonalds when there was a PF Changs right around the corner.  Rather than just guessing and hoping that you will find a place to eat that you like you can now find all your favorite restaurants along with reviews and ratings with the Zagat To Go ’10 Android App.  This app uses GPS to help you locate and arrive at your favorite eating destinations.   Before you even get to the restaurant you are able to look up other people’s reviews and ratings of the food and service.  You can also look up [...]

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April 2, 2010

Swift App For Twitter Android app Review

The Swift app For Twitter Android app is one of the best social networking apps out on the market today.  You can do all kinds of things right from your phone including searches, mentions, tweets, notifications, upload photos and videos, share links, profiles, notifications and so much more!  This app is seriously bursting at the seams with Twitter goodness!

Stay on top of all of your favorite tweets and be able to manage it all from the convenience of your cell phone.  The great part about this app is that it is not only loaded with features but it is also free!  You can’t beat that!  Take a minute to download the app and find out why so many other people are raving [...]

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April 2, 2010

Screebl Android app Review


This app is meant to help you monitor your battery usage and help you to save battery life.  The great part about this app is that it does it based on your phone’s orientation and where it sits on its axis.  This app makes sure that when you phone is laying down and not being used that your screen goes into time out mode and saves you from having to turn off the screen all of the time.

The Screebl Android app lets you control your settings and lets you orient your phone however you would like.  You can set the controls to default or you can customize it [...]

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April 2, 2010

Caller ID by WhitePages Android app Review

The Caller ID by WhitePages Android app is a great way for you to be able to screen your calls and make sure that only people you know get through to you.  The app will ID anyone that is registered with the WhitePages, including a lot of different businesses, including some telemarketers.  You can even find additional information including addresses and even step by step directions on Google Maps for how to get there.

When you first download the app you get a full six months of service that includes of 600 million different listings of other people’s numbers.  You can also use search features to find local businesses and also information for individuals.  You can even [...]

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