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March 22, 2010

Top Gun iPhone app Review

Not only is this game based on one of the most popular flight simulation movies of all time, it also is the best 3D first person airplane shooter game out on the iPhone.  The Top Gun iPhone app has captured it all in this action packed sky battle.  You will have to use your heat seeking missiles and Vulcan Cannons to shoot down opposing jets and migs.  You will also have to use your finely tuned flying skills to dodge air to air and surface to air missiles that will be launched at you from the ground.  Try and survive the Danger Zone and bring peace to the skies!

This gaming app also includes a full soundtrack that comes straight from the Top Gun movie.  You will love to to go [...]

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March 6, 2010

Doodle Jump iPhone App Review

Doodle JumpLima SkyGames$0.99Download

There are a lot of different gaming apps out there for the iPhone, but every once in a while you run across a gaming app that is just truly addictive.  Welcome to Doodle Jump where you are The Doodler.  Your mission is to jump up and up a piece of graph paper and get the highest score you can possibly get.  This game is all about getting higher, and The Doodler uses jet backs, trampolines, and others to ascend to the top.  Along the way you will have to shoot enemies with nose balls and avoid black holes that would bring you down from your summit.

The game utilizes the tilt control of the iPhone apps of today, and you have to accurately [...]

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