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Teeter Pro for Android

Teeter Pro for Android

by December 8, 2015
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Reminiscent of pin ball, Teeter Pro is a refreshingly simple game to learn, but an exceedingly difficult game to master. It is a game of skill that requires a good amount of hand/eye coordination and patience. The object of the game is to get the ball into the hole that has a green dot in the middle, while avoiding the holes that are black. When you start the game, you select the level you are currently at. The game saves your level automatically, so you will not be able to play a level higher than one you have not already beat. The ball moves the same direction as the gravity would move the ball in real life, so you have to move the phone around to control the ball. If you get really good, you could try and go faster for an added challenge, but at first, it is best to try and make the ball go slower so it is easier to control the ball’s movements around the obstacle course.

This game is surprisingly fun. You can play it whenever you have extra time. You can play it on a road trip, in a waiting room, or whenever you have time. Each level takes about a minute to complete, so you don’t need a lot of time to play. You can play for a few minutes, or a few hours!

Teeter Pro is very easy to learn and addictive. You can keep a child occupied by giving them your smartphone to play the game while you finish a book or write a report for work. Even a toddler could figure out how to play it (although I am not sure how good they would be at it)! Heck, even dear old Granny would have a blast playing this game. There are not a lot of rules you have to learn so there is not a lot of knowledge that you need to bring to the game, just your hands and eyes.

Teeter Pro is also a great brain workout. It requires a good amount of hand/eye coordination, so you can improve your coordination skills, at least while playing the game. It also requires good special awareness, so your brain gets that added bonus.

So if you like games requiring some physics, or are looking for a game simple enough for anyone to learn but difficult enough for anyone to find it challenging, then Teeter Pro is an excellent game to download. It is a fun game for any age. You can occupy yourself or your children for as little or as long as you like. You can give your brain a workout and challenge your friends. So download Teeter Pro today!

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