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Top Gun iPhone app Review

Top Gun iPhone app Review

by March 22, 2010

topgunNot only is this game based on one of the most popular flight simulation movies of all time, it also is the best 3D first person airplane shooter game out on the iPhone.  The Top Gun iPhone app has captured it all in this action packed sky battle.  You will have to use your heat seeking missiles and Vulcan Cannons to shoot down opposing jets and migs.  You will also have to use your finely tuned flying skills to dodge air to air and surface to air missiles that will be launched at you from the ground.  Try and survive the Danger Zone and bring peace to the skies!

This gaming app also includes a full soundtrack that comes straight from the Top Gun movie.  You will love to to go back in time and relive all the action from the movie right from your mobile phone.  In the game you are a new pilot who is being trained by Maverick and Iceman at the Top Gun Academy.  The communists have launched a new attack on freedom and it is up to you to regulate in Naval Space and fend off the bogies that are flying too close.  You can use a fighter jet or stealth bomber to accomplish the missions in each level, and you will gain awards and medals as you valiantly protect your comrades.


  • You will make your way through 10 different detailed missions
  • There are a variety of different environments to explore including deserts, canyon ridges, large cities, and oceans
  • Your fighter jet is stacked with weapons and ammunition and you will have the ability to unlock upgrades as you progress.  Enjoy shooting heat tracing missiles and taking down opponents with your Vulcan cannons
  • You can enjoy the game in either a large fighter jet or you can pick to use the stealth bomber
  • You will have to watch out for the “Danger Zone” which includes a mixture of surface to air and air to air missiles as well as a variety of different obstacles that you have to dodge as you fly through the area
  • You can win different medals and awards as you prove your courage and stealth in each of the ten levels
  • The soundtrack follows the same score that was in the hit movie, so you are in for some great background tunes
  • You can customize your character including the classics of Goose, Merlin, Maverick, and Iceman
  • As you go through the missions you will also be able to unlock and read classified files that have new content and Easter eggs to keep you on your toes


Voted 3 1/2 stars by iPhone app users and currently costs $1.99 to download.

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