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Totemo Android App Review

Totemo Android App Review

by March 10, 2010

Totemo is a puzzle game that is found on the Android.  The premise of the game is that there is a spirit in Totemo that needs to be released.  It is up to you to break the spells and find out the hidden mysteries that await.  This game will stretch you mind and test your patience.  There are over 60 different mind boggling puzzles to deal with as you use logic and luck to complete them.  There are also other features involved, including the survival extra challenge and the classic mode.  As you play the survival mode you have the opportunity to overcome harder challenges to win big in the points category.  As you get more and more points for your impressive puzzle completions, you can check the online rankings to see where you fit in with the rest of the Totemo adventurers.

This really is one of the premier puzzle Android apps that is out there.  It takes the stage of an ancient Native American totem pole culture.  You have different totem poles that are intricately created and there are spiritual rituals to work out as well.   You will follow a system of narration and guidance that will help you complete each of the puzzles.  This game fully utilizes the touchscreen capacities that a smartphone app has available to it.  The main goal of the game is to remove spirit orbs in a row.  They can be in groups of two or three in either a column or a row.  You have to clear the level of all the spirit orbs in order to complete it and move on.

During your quests in the level, the star orbs are the same as having two spirits so you can free those with a tap of your finger.  You essentially match the amount of spirits you free with a certain two or three spirit totem pole.  There is an instruction option in the start up menu to help explain some of these things and give you a better idea of what the game is all about.


  • 60 different mind puzzles to choose from
  • Survival extra challenge mode that offers more challenging tasks for you to get more points
  • Online leaderboard to compare scores and see rankings
  • Fun graphics and different totem pole and spirit animations


A solid puzzling platform for anyone that likes a good brain bender.

Voted 4 out of 5 stars by Android app users and runs for 1.50 euros in the UK.

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