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Touchgrind iPhone app Review

Touchgrind iPhone app Review

by March 22, 2010
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Skateboarding has never been as real as it is on the Touchgrind iPhone app.  This multi-touch skateboarding game allows you to mix precision with skill and pull off some really sick tricks.  This is one of those skating games that will keep you coming back for more.

The actually gameplay is quite simple, you place two fingers on the virtual board and with a mixture of twisting, spinning, and tapping you can pull off tricks like a darkslide, tailslide, shuvit, ollie, kickflip, 5-0, 50-50, boardslide, impossible, heelflip, smithgrind, or a crook.  There is an assortment of different tricks that are available to you but you will have to improve your skills to be able to pull them all off.  Take your multi-touch board off huge jumps or just hit a rail to satisfy the skateboarder inside.

As you learn more tricks you will want to show off your skills to your friends.  The game will challenge you to master all of the tricks and you will have to start going to more boring meetings and lectures so that you have time to refine your skateboarding touch.  Illusion Labs has done a great job of bringing this little fliptrick app to the iPhone and making it very realistic.  Download the full app today to start your rise to the top of skateboarding.


  • Includes a physics engine that simulates the real rise and fall of a skateboard
  • The multi-touch gameplay is very responsive and is very original
  • There are over 12 different skateboards that you can unlock and play with as you progress through the game
  • A few different game modes are available: Warm Up, Competition, and Jam Session
  • There is a tips section and even a tutorial video to help you get started
  • The sound effects match the game perfectly and are a great complement
  • The game has smooth 3D graphics that add to the realistic nature of the iPhone app
  • Pull off tricks like the darkslide, tailslide, 5-0, 50-50, kickflip, heelflip, ollie, impossible, and so much more


Touchgrind takes all that is fun about skateboarding and packs it into an innovative little app for the iPhone.  You will spend hours trying to master the combinations that give you the most points.  For some added difficulty try seeing how many combos you can do with ollies, rails, and flips.  This is a great app and is a blast to play.

Voted 4 stars by iPhone app users and currently costs $4.99 to download.

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