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TowerMadness iPhone App Review

TowerMadness iPhone App Review

by June 18, 2010
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The TowerMadness iPhone app will take you through 30 different levels and have you use 9 different guns to save your beloved sheep from all of the evil aliens!


  • This little tower defense app has some pretty incredible graphics that are all in 3D.  Although it can be blocky at times, it does a good job of highlighting the landscape and making the details stand out
  • You can also toggle between a few different camera angles including a first person view and also an aerial view to be able to view the entire scene
  • You will have to defeat over 16 different enemies.  Each enemy will have different strengths and weaknesses and you will have to use different towers to take them down
  • You will have 9 different weapons that you can use to destroy your enemies and each of these will have five different upgrades.  You can use the Laser Cannon, the Mortar, the Guided Missiles, the Railgun, the ElectroSlow, the ElectroShock, the Flak, and also the ElectroBoost
  • There also is one weapon that is far superior and advanced to all of the other weapons. This weapon is the Nuke!
  • You can also purchase some other special weapons with wealth that you have attained while playing the game.  You can buy the proximity mine, the Flamethrower, and also the Flash Bait
  • This app also has a wide array of different environments that you can play in.  There are actually 30 different maps that take place in the desert, in the woods, and also in the snow
  • You can purchase expansion packs for this game that include the marshes as well as even some environments that take place on the moon!  There is a lot of variety in this game
  • There is an endless mode that you can play in to see how long you can withstand all of the waves of enemies that are coming your way.  This is a fun way to see how skilled you are at the usage of the weapons
  • You can also go and view all of the leader boards and see who the top players are.  These leader boards are broken down into daily, weekly, and even monthly rankings to see who is hot right now
  • If you want you can even watch replays of games in order to learn some new strategies and see what you could have done better
  • You can also share your games with your friends and family through the use of Facebook, Twitter and also just through your email


This app has been given a rating of 4 1/2 stars by almost 1000 different users.  This app only costs $2.99 to download onto your iPhone.

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