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Twitter App Android Review

Twitter App Android Review

by May 5, 2010
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It’s finally here!  The official app from Twitter.  While there have been countless apps that have been created to interface with twitter, the actual app made by Twitter is finally here. The app allows you to find out whats happening right now anywhere in the world with this official app.  This app allows for real time search, trending topics, and maps to show you whats going on now and later everywhere and locally!  You can tweet, send DM’s, share photos, videos and links to your family and friends and the world!  If you don’t have a Twitter account, you can even sign up directly on the app for a new Twitter account!

Having the official Twitter app finally hit the Android market is exciting as the functionality is real and works great on the phones.  You have access to Twitter from your phone, and have full access to all the Twitter features and benefits.  There is also deeper functionality with this app with your contacts, much like the facebook app for the Android.


  • The app is officially from Twitter and works on all Android phones that are 2.0 and up
  • The contacts are now integrated with to show you status updates and photo updates from your contacts and updates the contact list so you can see what is going on
  • The app supports tweets, retweets, follow, unfollow, mentions, replies, direct messages, lists, trends, search, photo uploading, and geo location and mapping
  • The navigation allows you to keep track of where people are and where they were when they tweeted something

The app could utilize navigation a bit better as you have to press menu to go back home to navigate to the next category.  Synced contact storage saves to the internal memory instead of the SD card, which can really slow down the phone as tweets really start adding up.  The data also takes a long time to load and seems like it takes forever.  We are sure Twitter will fix these issues as they just barely released this app to the public.  Most apps go through several revisions and fixes are made constantly to apps on the market.

While the app is not perfect, it is the official app for Android and really has made a splash by Twitter users everywhere!  If you tweet, you have got to try this app!


This app is Free and has gotten 4 out of 5 star rating from others who have used it.

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