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Brothers: Tale of Two Sons App Review

Brothers: Tale of Two Sons App Review

by June 24, 2016

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is an interactive adventure story masterpiece brought to your mobile device from Swedish director Josef Fares and developed by Starbreeze Studios. This game offers a unique experience with a compelling and deep storyline that follows the adventures of two brothers as they explore a vibrant and detailed gaming world. The game, which can be downloaded for a small fee on Google Play Store, has one over fifty awards, including Game of the Year, and should not be something that you should miss out on.

This adventure game follows the story of two brothers and tells a deeply rooted story without actually using any spoken or written words. You are left, as the player, to decide the course of actions that the two characters take, which you control interestingly enough on two virtual joysticks at the same time. This means that both characters are interchangeably controlled by one player using their touch screen, making Brother: A Tale of Two Sons a multi-player gaming experience but for a single player.

The game features nail-biting boss battles as each brother provides different skills and strengths that are useful at different periods of time. The game, besides the impressive combat you will face along the adventure, also presents to you a variety of different and challenging puzzles. These puzzles help move the game forward, blocking your progression with time sensitive obstacles that create a high-stakes atmosphere and encourages hours of playtime.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons provides an excellent gaming experience to lovers of classic adventure gaming and modern mobile enthusiasts alike. With brilliant and colorful graphics, the ability to control two very different characters at the same time and a fun and immersive storyline to follow, this game is definitely the total package. The game itself is rather cheap for what it contains, and can be purchased on the Google Play Store and downloaded at your leisure. If you are a fan of older PC adventure games and want a taste of nostalgia than this game will satisfy you. If you are an avid mobile gamer looking for a new and powerful experience, then you need not look any further than this game, which offers so much more than just another time waster.

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