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ViewRanger GPS App Review

ViewRanger GPS App Review

by April 15, 2016
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ViewRanger is a hiking and GPS app that helps you navigate the topography of any mapped area in the world. Hiking is fun activity that you will enjoy more when you have a trail map that shows you exactly where you are, where you are going and how you will get there. ViewRanger combines the GPS receiver in your phone with their own topographical maps to explain how you will complete your next hike. This article explains how ViewRanger will put you on the proper trail for your next hike.

The Maps Are Complete and Community-Assisted

The maps on the app have been compiled from professional maps of every area listed. You can see the general topography of the area, and the scientific markings are shown for those who are capable of reading them. The trails that have been found are shown clearly, and you may add new trails if you choose. An arrow will show you where you are in comparison to the nearest trail, and you may follow the GPS to stay on the most appropriate trail for your current hike.

Adjust The Map for Your Needs

You may pinch the screen to adjust the map for your needs. The map need not stay one size, and you may zoom in or out when needed. Zooming out helps you see where a trail goes, and you may find your destination elsewhere on the map. Zooming in allows you to determine how difficult a trail is, and you may make a decision about how far you are willing to go down the trail.
Pin Your Favorite Trails

You may discover a new trail that you want to pin for personal use, and you may hide that trail from other users. You may make your new trail discovery public, and you can show exactly where it goes on the map for other users to review. Pinning your trails helps you get back to the places you love most, and you will have an opportunity to repeat hikes that you loved in the past.

Sharing Commentary

You may share commentary on any trail you find, and the community may converse about trails and their condition. You may find that horses are ridden on a trail you love, or you may find the trail is closed by park rangers. The extra information offered by ViewRanger helps you plan more appropriately for every trip.

Download ViewRanger to make every hike simpler, safer and easier to manage. You may review the maps while you hike, and you may communicate with the community about your latest hike.

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