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Washington Post iPhone app Review

Washington Post iPhone app Review

by May 5, 2010
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The Washington Post has long been one of the most popular and trusted news sites in America and you will enjoy all of the information that you can access while using this app.  The Washington Post iPhone app allows you to get up-to-date analysis and newsworthy content about your favorite subjects.  You can find info about sports, entertainment, food, travel, vacations, and many other subjects.  You can also save your favorite articles onto the “my post” section to be able to go back and read the articles even when you are offline.  This is great so that you can keep a variety of reading materials handy for whenever you have a few spare minutes.  You can also use social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to share stories and pictures that you found interesting yourself.  Do yourself a favor and stay updated by downloading the Wash Post iPhone app today.


  • Once you find articles that you really like you can then save them to your “My Post” folder so that you can finish the article later on in the day or come back to it for future reference
  • You can also share your favorite snippets and articles with friends and family by using the email function or you can also share via Twitter
  • The app allows you to have a fair amount of customization.  You can get on the home page and change it up and decide what kinds of favorite sections and features you want on the initial display
  • While reading a story or article you also have the ability to search across a variety of different pictures and articles so that you can find the most up-to-date and current information on each subject that you are interested in
  • The user interface is pretty easy to use and has been intuitively designed to be able to handle quick access to content and articles at your leisure.  Take advantage of this and find all kinds of information


Voted 2 1/2 stars by iPhone app users.  This app has some good potential but falls short of many iPhone app user’s expectations.  There is not very much room for articles on the app and the interface is also kind of ugly.  The app is also a little buggy and quite slow.  While there is some relevant information on the app, it just doesn’t really compare to the apps that were created by other newspapers such as the New York Times.  The only good thing this app has going for it is the small price tag, coming in at only $1.99 to download.

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