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Wild Duel iPhone App Review

Wild Duel iPhone App Review

by June 6, 2010


Welcome back to the Wild West where the stakes are high and the guns can be pulled out at a second’s notice.  In the Wild Duel iPhone app you will enjoy a whole new kind of first person shooter that will pit you against some of the fastest guns in the west.  All you have to do to play is just put your finger onto the interactive touch screen and drag it around to be able to aim it at your opponent.  Once you have got a good aim then just release your finger and the gun will shoot.  If you are a quick draw then you can actually shoot down a few different enemies all in a few split seconds.  This game also has some unique features and combos to help you get higher points.  Try and get good at aiming and kill your enemies with head shots to get a higher score.  Also, if you run out of ammo then simply shake the iPhone and it will reload on the spot.


  • This is a first person shooter game that not only boasts some really unique gameplay but it also has some incredibly smooth graphics that are all in 3D.  The art is simply amazing
  • To go along with the graphics, the sound effects are also pretty impressive.  You will feel like you are really right there in the old west wielding a pistol and trying to out duel your opponent.  The gunshots and moving along the street sound very realistic
  • The game is also very easy to just pick up and play.  One of the gameplay features that helps it be that way is that of the auto aiming system.  That way you can be a dead shot and take people out.  Also, there is a “shake gun” system that will spice up each duel that you have
  • The shaking feature of the game allows you to just shake your iPhone every time that you need to reload.  The app will automatically reload your gun and you can continue to fire shots at your enemies
  • When you are playing the game you will get extra points for how accurate you are, and also for where you hit your opponent.  You can get point combos if you are handy enough to be able to get a head shot on your enemy


This app was developed by OF – Games and has taken the Wild West and First person shooters and thrown it all together to make a pretty decent game.  The controls are a little hard to use at times but the idea is pretty genius.  The app currently has a rating of 3 stars from the people who have already downloaded it and played it, and the game only costs $0.99 to download onto your iPhone.

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