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Wind OS app Review for iPhone

Wind OS app Review for iPhone

by April 27, 2010

Ok all you Apple haters!  This app is for you!  That right, if you love Microsoft and all their OS systems they have made over the years, you will definitely want to get the Wind OS app for your iPhone or iPod Touch.  What s this app?  This app is an emulator that mimics or makes your phone look like its running a windows OS.

The app is functional as it has a great load up screen with a progress bar that looks like it was taken directly from Windows XP.  This app also comes pre-loaded with some software such as notepad and minesweeper.  We wish that the app had the ability to work with other software as we would gladly pay more for the app to get this functionality.  The windows background is also taken from XP to make your iPhone or iPod look like its a Windows product.  This app is sure fun to use to say,” i bet your iphone can’t do this!”    This app is sure to make many mac lovers and Apple disciples very angry as they see Microsoft’s logo appear on the iPhone and show an OS that looks just like XP.  The programs that come loaded with the app work completely and allow you to have your taste of windows on a Mac product.

The similarities between the app and the real Windows OS is striking.  The task bars, pop up windows, and overall feel of the app is very true to the Windows design and functionality.  For people that really want to show off something fun to their friends, this app is a great choice.


  • Windows boot up screen
  • windows like menus
  • windows software
  • notepad and minesweeper

As you can see this app is very simple, but is mainly been created for the wow factor that it brings when shown to people.  Many people who are avid iPhone users are shocked when they see a windows screen pop up and are often puzzled about why you would want something Microsoft makes on your iPhone.  Once again this is an emulator so of course Microsoft did not make it, but the app is made to look like they did.  If you like shocking people this  is the app for you.


This app is only $.99 cents and has been given a 4 out of 5 star rating by iphone users everywhere who have bought this app and tried it out.

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