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X2 Soccer 2010 iPhone app Review

X2 Soccer 2010 iPhone app Review

by May 19, 2010

x2 soccerThe X2 Soccer 2010 iPhone app has brought soccer to life on the iPhone.  With new and improved controls as well as beautiful graphics that are extremely detailed, you will find that this is the ultimate mobile soccer experience.  You will be able to play as any of the 150 different club teams that are included in the game as well as recruit your own players for the new Dream Team mode.  You will be able to create the ultimate team with players from all over the world.  You will start out with just a normal team with normal abilities and you will be able to improve your stats and become a world power.  You can also enjoy the additional commentary in each of the games as well as the multiplayer mode that is available for anyone that has an internet connection through either wifi or through bluteooth.

With the single and multiplayer modes available, this is a great game to download in order to provide hours of extended gameplay for the die hard soccer lover.


  • This game offers a lot more playing time over previous editions of the franchise. The replay value to the game is amazing and you will appreciate the extra work that has gone into it
  • The game has over 150 different club teams that you can choose from, with individual players included on the roster as well
  • The game also includes over 30 different competitions that you can participate in to try and prove your dominance over all the other teams in the world
  • There is also a brand new Dream Team mode that allows you to recruit the best players from around the world to create the ultimate team
  • This gameplay is much faster than other soccer games and you will find that the controls have been largely refined to suit the speed of the play
  • The visuals and graphics in the game have been greatly enhanced and you will see that they have been fully optimized for the 3GS
  • This game also includes computer AI that has been improved both in offense and defense so that it offers more of a challenge to players
  • The greatest part about the game is that you can play either single player or multiplayer over any kind of internet connection.  You can use Wifi, Bluetooth or over the net.


Voted 4 1/2 stars by 41 different users on the iTunes store website.  The game is priced in the middle range, at about $6.99.

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