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ZAGAT TO GO ’10 Android app Review

ZAGAT TO GO ’10 Android app Review

by April 9, 2010

Zagat-To-GoHow many times have you been on vacation, or have just stopped in an unfamiliar town and not known where to eat?  We have all been in this situation and many times have settled for McDonalds when there was a PF Changs right around the corner.  Rather than just guessing and hoping that you will find a place to eat that you like you can now find all your favorite restaurants along with reviews and ratings with the Zagat To Go ’10 Android App.  This app uses GPS to help you locate and arrive at your favorite eating destinations.   Before you even get to the restaurant you are able to look up other people’s reviews and ratings of the food and service.  You can also look up the store hours, their address, and their phone number in case you want to call and get a reservation.

However, this app does more than just help you find food.  You can also search for shopping centers, bustling night life locations, and much more.  This app works in a variety of major cities internationally, so you won’t need any other restaurant guide to help you find the hot spots in town.  Make sure you download the Zagat To Go ’10 Android app before your next trip so that you are well prepared.


  • There are over 45 different restaurant guides in the Zagat app that contain all of the rating and review information
  • You can use this application in cities like New York City, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, Houston, Las Vegas, San Diego, Sacramento, and many more
  • The best part of this app is that you get all of the great Zagat information all from your mobile phone
  • You can use this app in your local area as well as internationally
  • Uses GPS to find restaurants, hotels, shopping centers, clubs, and more
  • You can get information on where the restaurant is located, what its business hours are, what’s on the menu, step by step directions on how to get there, a phone number to call them and set up a reservation, as well as full ratings, reviews, and guides to know if the place is even worth wasting your time
  • Has a “Random Outtakes” feature that pops up as it is loading its other screens


This is a great app to help you find your way around in a foreign town.

Voted 4.2 out of 5 by Android app users and currently can be downloaded for $9.99.

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